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Organisational Consultancy

SWNineteen supports organisations and federations by:

+ Facilitating organisational visioning, enabling regenerative change.
+ Review coaching & tennis programmes/initiatives.
+ Designing coach education qualifications (using blended learning methods and technology).
+ Designing coach development training at scale.
+ Developing coaching career pathways.
+ Strategic development of coaching programmes, including curriculum design and the implementation of values led & results led coaching frameworks.
+ Developing cultures of coaching excellence

Dutch High Performance Course
Developing Elite Learners
Squeezing the Middle

"Simon has been instrumental at helping raise the level of Dutch Tennis Coaches. He worked with the team at redeveloping our flagship High Performance C License Qualification. Simon not only has a huge amount of knowledge in performance tennis but in the design of blended learning qualifications. I would highly recommend any federation or academy to invest in Simon's expertise."

- Jacco Eltingh, Technical Director, KNLTB 

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